Don’t Sign Away Your Contract — Board of Inquiry Meetings Next Month

June 2011

Next month, the Garden Grove Registered Nurses Association (GGRNA)/UNAC will be going to the Board of Inquiry to settle the following issues in our contract:
• Prime Healthcare has proposed a low wage scale and wage caps for 60% of the RNs. That would mean 60% of us would get no wage increase. GGRNA is fighting for fair wage increases for everyone, with a scale that recognizes our seniority/expertise. We will not accept wage caps.
• Prime’s plan would force us to pay hundreds of dollars a month for family health care coverage. GGRNA is seeking to continue free health benefits for our families.
• Management proposes to eliminate reserve sick program with only a 25% payout on sick time. GGRNA’s proposal is to continue the existing reserve sick program.
• Management has eliminated the Service Bonus. GGRNA will fight to win back our Service Bonus at the Board of Inquiry.

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