Transparency | September 2012

September 2012

In this issue:

Prop 32: If you have not already signed a pledge card please reach out to a Steward, CAT member, Officer, or myself to sign one. VOTE NO on Prop 32!!!!.

THA: It only takes 15-20 min to complete this yearly assessment. Please look for UNAC/UHCP at the computer cafes and Farmers Market, partnering in the LMP way.

FLU vaccine: South Bay’s kick-off date is 9/17 for employee flu shots. There will be many opportunities to receive yours over the next couple months. UNAC/UHCP will be assisting with Flu carts & tables all over campus

Staffing objections: Objections are being hand delivered or emailed to your managers, CNE, and Medical Directors.

Basic Labor class: Our last class of the year is September 27.

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