Take Charge: Registered Nurse Advisory Committee (RNAC)

April 2011

RNAC – Registered Nurse Advisory Committee
Contract Language: Article IV, Section 406-409, Page 7-10

Each of our facilities have a separate local RNAC Committee including non-hospital groups, i.e. Hospice, Home Health, SRN, Nurse Connection and SDHA.

Each local facility-based committee is composed of three Registered Nurses representing the Sharp Professional Nurses Network and three members of nursing management.  The committees meet on a monthly basis.

The purpose of the committee is to provide a mechanism for Registered Nurses and management to engage in joint problem solving and planning regarding nursing issues.  Our Sharp Professional Nurses Network representatives work to address issues such as:

•    Quality of Care
•    Employee safety
•    Scheduling issues
•    Floating concerns
•    Care delivery systems
•    Workload
•    Staffing ratios

We want to know what YOU think are the key concerns. Soon we will be releasing our Contract Survey.  We want to hear from each member what your concerns are so that we can address them through the RNAC and at the bargaining table.

Feel free to contact a member of the Sharp Professional Nurses Network who serves on a RNAC, if you have issues you would like to discuss:

Chula Vista:
Amanda Galsim, RN
Carol Granot, RN
Kay O’Malley, RN

Cynthia Karlicek, RN
Pat Osborn, RN

Gloria Goff, RN
Erin Ward, RN

Mary Birch:
Sheila Berg, RN
Lorelei Sandoval, RN
Lora Sells, RN

Mesa Vista:
Julie Braatz, RN
Tiffany Monticino, RN
Inese Redondo, RN

Claudia Fitzhenry, RN
Elizabeth Piasecki, RN
Cathy Sharp, RN
Larry Winkler, RN

Joan McColm, RN
Christine McGovern, RN
Carmen Picaso, RN

Download “Take Charge” leaflet with this information to share with co-workers.