Stand Up to Kaiser’s Cuts

November 2012

On November 26, UNAC/UHCP leadership met to plan the response to Kaiser’s cuts in services and positions. See the letter to Ben Chu advising of withdrawal from partnership activities, click here.

Informational picketing will now begin starting at Kaiser South Bay. UNAC/UHCP members at South Bay were hit the hardest with 70 positions eliminated— today we notified Kaiser that on December 11th UNAC/UHCP members will hold an informational picket to protest Kaiser’s actions and impact on patient care, click here for more information.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, Kaiser has had a "huge swing into solid profitability" but that’s not all. This year alone, Kaiser is projected to earn $735 million in profits with a growth of 95,000 NEW members. Does this sound like a corporation that needs to make cuts? Read the article here.

An injury to one is an injury to all. We need every UNAC/UHCP member to participate in the actions. Sign up now to support So Bay UNAC/UHCP members, click to sign up on picketline: unacuhcp.org/join-the-picket/

Here's What You Can Do to Help
1. Take Action: Join the Picketline: unacuhcp.org/join-the-picket/
2. Download a copy of this information and a copy of the picket notice to print and share on your unit
3. Sign up for our text alerts so you are informed