SPNN Bargaining Update #9

September 2016

Sharp Professional Nurses Network

At negotiations on September 9, 15-year Sharp Mary Birch RN Alana Lawler received a standing ovation after she read a letter to Sharp management that captured the sentiments of thousands of nurses at Sharp:


“With a very heavy heart, I am learning that Sharp HealthCare does not value its nurses. I realize that all the way to the top of Sharp management I am undervalued and unappreciated. I keep asking myself, ‘Why do I still work here?’ The only answer I have left is: for my patients.

“Please hear us when we say enough is enough. If these negotiations remain at a standstill; if Sharp continues to deny us fair compensation, refuses to bring our wages up to market value, and continues to try to silence our voices, I have but just one question remaining:

“Why do you feel we are not worth this?”

Read Alana’s full letter here: unacuhcp.org/SharpRN

Sharp management failed to make significant movement at negotiations this week:
  • Management hasn’t budged from their initial wage proposal for full-time/part-time RNs
  • Management proposed lower across-the-board wage increases for per diem RNs

To address issues of recruitment and retention, and to ensure quality care at Sharp, RNs continue to stand united on our four key issues:

  • Compensation - We are committed to our proposal of 20% in year 1, 6% in year 2, and 6% in year 3.
  • Representation - We continue to fight limitations on access to our medical centers by our staff representatives.
  • Union membership - Union security ensures our collective voices are protected and we are able to best advocate for our patients and our profession.
  • Cancellation - We continue to have several major disagreements on cancellation, including the order, mandatory on-call, and no limits on how often.



Future Bargaining Dates: September 14 & 15
10 am - 4 pm
***UPDATE: Start time for September 15 is 12 pm***

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