Our Patients Can’t Wait

January 2013

They Say: “Give Us a Year. Give Us One More Chance.” We Say: "Our Patients Can't Wait."

Promises Are Not Change

"If UHS truly stood for our patients, hospitals, employees and communities, they’d be working with us to make change right now, instead of fighting us.

"We’ve gone through numerous CEOs and administrators before, each with their promises. They had plenty of chances to make improvements.

"We need a union to turn promises into changes, guaranteed in writing as a solid, legal contract."

—Dave Colmer, RN, Inland Hospital ED, 10 years

The Time is Now

"Back in 2006/07, we were told we didn’t need a union because we were 'a family.' They made a lot of promises to improve things. The RNs even decertified our old union, CNA. The day after the decertification, our 'family' and the empty promises disappeared.

Now after all these years, Administration’s making more promises. Once again we are told, 'Give us a chance, we can make changes.' Ask yourself why.

We need a union to make our voices heard. The time is now. Please join me in voting YES on January 31 & February 1.

—Brenda Crawford, RN, Rancho Springs Labor &  Delivery, 18 years

This is Our One Chance

"We’ve had at least five CEOs since 2003:

  • Scott Crane
  • Linda Bradley
  • Dennis Knox
  • Ken Rivers
  • Gino Patrizio

"Each promised improvements. None kept their promises. RNs must unite to make them keep their promises.

"This is our one and only chance to unite three hospitals with one mission: Improve patient care. Vote Yes for UNAC/UHCP!"

—Jen Graham, RN, Inland ED, 9 years

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