KP Pharmacists Negotiations Update

May 2015

This week our pharmacist negotiations team and management mutually agreed on the Preamble, Agreement, Courtesy, Strikes and Lockouts, Membership, Savings Clause, Non-Discrimination, Harassment, Corrective Action and Discipline, Management Rights, Seniority Tie-Breaker and Confidentiality of Records language.

We also discussed at length the Definition of Seniority and Loss of Seniority provisions, and how to give seniority to per diems. At our next session we will continue working on Seniority and begin discussions over Probation and Evaluation.

We encourage all members to attend our next negotiations session:

Friday, May 15, 9:00 AM
UNAC/UHCP State Office
955 Overland Court, San Dimas, CA 91773

“We have had a very productive week in negotiations. We have had a lot of difficult discussions, but at the end of the day we are moving in a very good direction.”
–Daniel Szeto, LAMC

“Observing firsthand what goes on in a negotiations committee meeting was a great experience. I’m glad that the process is open and transparent to our membership. It is not only important to support our negotiating team, but to let management know that we are united and engaged.”  
–Leigh Anh Nguyen, West LA

Download a leaflet with this information to print and share with coworkers.