Board Delays Election Based on Unfair Labor Practice Charges

January 2013

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)—the federal government agency charged with conducting fair union elections—decided today to delay our election at Inland Valley and
Rancho Springs indefinitely, based on the egregious conduct alleged on the part of UHS.

The NLRB is investigating charges by UNAC/UHCP that UHS interfered with employee free choice in the following ways:

1. Discrimination based on union activity
2. Surveillance of employees’ protected activity
3. Interrogation
4. Threats
5. Offering monetary inducements or other significant benefits for voting

The NLRB ruled that the employer must post the notice of their decision on all the bulletin boards where our election notices were previously posted. Click here for a copy of the notice.

Talk to your Organizing Committee member for further information. You can also call UNAC/UHCP Organizers Olivia at 909-455-4393 or Sunny at 619-820-0208.

Click here to download and print a leaflet with this information.