A Continued Push for a Free and Fair Election

July 2013

On June 29, Inland Valley and Rancho Springs RNs and supporters rallied for a fair election. An election scheduled on July 18 and 19 will determine whether the RNs will be represented by UNAC/UHCP. Those rallying spoke out against the intimidation nurses faced in the midst of their previously scheduled election, which was postponed due to government investigation of hospital administrators. The Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) administrators were accused of threatening nurses. Rather than listen to its employees, whose top priority is to improve patient care, UHS has spent valuable resources on silencing the voices of RNs.

“UHS has continually dismissed our concerns about patient care. The only time they listen to us is when there is union activity”, said Ramona Moll, RN, Inland Valley. UHS has bought the services of Yessin, a pricey anti-union firm with a long history of intervening in other employees’ efforts to organize through scare tactics. Some of the charges brought against UHS by the National Labor Relations Board include threats of termination and discrimination based on union activity against nurses. As the election days approach, UNAC/ UHCP calls for an election free of intimidation and threats in support of the nurses advocating for patient safety.

For more information, download our leaflet on the rally.