Workplace Violence Prevention Campaign

January 2015

Workplace violence is more prevalent than ever in health care, and much of it is perpetrated by patients. That’s why UNAC/UHCP launched a campaign to address the violence in our workplaces last year.

The solutions to workplace violence won’t be quick or easy, but UNAC/UHCP is committed to fighting for a better workplace for all members. To that end, UNAC/UHCP Vice President Denise Duncan, RN, testified several times in 2014 to highlight for Cal-OSHA specific examples of the violence health care professionals face on the job. She also was able to work workplace violence solutions into her conversations with hospitals about innovation and the use of technology in health care. This is especially important for home health care workers who often face violence at their worksites, patient homes, where there are rarely any other workers to help with safety if needed.

Many UNAC/UHCP members have been involved in the prevention campaign, from testifying about their experiences with patient violence to speaking out about the violence in dramatic videos and to the media. More than 800 UNAC/UHCP members took a survey about their experiences with workplace violence, with nearly 80% reporting they had personally experienced patient violence in the workplace.