Why We Need a Union at UHS Hospitals Now

April 2013

Insurance-Termination-RedactedUHS and Aetna are having a contract dispute. RNs at Corona, Inland Valley and Rancho Springs are caught in the middle.

UHS has sent out letters like the one at right, warning of consequences if they can't work it out with Aetna and our hospitals get dropped from the Aetna network. Click here for a larger image.

For those of us with Aetna insurance, this could could mean:

New out-of-network co-pays, and
Special referrals needed to get treatment at our own hospitals, or
Additional travel to other in-network providers

If UHS RNs had a real voice in what happens to us at work-through a Union and a contract-we would fight to not let this happen!

• With a Union, management cannot change wages, hours, and other working conditions-including health insurance benefits-without negotiating with us.

• Under a Union contract that guarantees minimum levels of health benefits and coverage, management would not be able to unilaterally change coverage or carriers if it means significantly lesser benefits.

For More Information, Call: Inland & Rancho: Olivia Quijano 909-455-4393 | Fernando Bribiesca 702-588-3366

Download a leaflet of this information to share with co-workers.