Why is Beverly Such a Scrooge?

December 2011

We Won Seniority Rights! At bargaining today we reached agreement on seniority; now we have rights regarding job bidding, promotions, layoffs. Congratulations to all of us!

Why is Beverly Hospital Such a Scrooge?
Surrounding community hospitals reward and respect their Registered Nurses with twice as many paid holidays as Beverly Hospital. Today at bargaining, we proposed 7 holidays paid at time and a half.

Here's what other RNs get paid:
• Greater El Monte Community Hospital: 6
• San Gabriel Valley Medical Center: 5
• Lakewood Regional Medical Center: 6
• Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital: 6
• Beverly Hospital: 3

Shine a Light on Patient Care Vigil and Food Drive
December 15, 6:30 PM - Beverly Hospital
Bring non-perishable foods for families in need in our Beverly Hospital community.
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