What it Looks Like to Have a Voice

May 2016

JessicaRNWinning a real voice in patient care decisions is the chief motivator for most UNAC/UHCP members—for joining the union, for our priorities in bargaining our contracts, and for our day-to-day workplace engagement.

Here’s a story from Kaiser Woodland Hills featuring an award-winning ICU team, including UNAC/UHCP RNs and pharmacists, with a culture based on everyone having an equal voice in patient care. No surprise, the team has high morale and low turnover.

Jessica Limpert, RN, member of Kaiser Woodland Hills Registered Nurses Assocation (KWHRNA) says:

“I love it because we are a team…We can talk freely, and we can work together, and we can be successful in so many different ways.”

This is what UNAC/UHCP’s all about—a voice for RNs and health care professionals. It’s great for us, and even better for our patients!

Watch the video here.