Welcome to SPNN

September 2012

Welcome to SPNN. Our union was formed by Registered Nurses throughout the Sharp system who had become increasingly concerned about our ability as nurses to provide quality patient care in the rapidly changing world of health care, where more and more decisions were being based on profit margins instead of on what is best for our patients. We had also recognized that Sharp management was eroding the benefits given to its nurses and other employees, to the point that it was becoming difficult for Sharp to attract and keep staff.

As patient advocates, we wish to influence, in a meaningful way, the key decisions affecting our professional practice. We know that the best way to do this, and to strengthen our voice on the job, is to stand united. We need you to stand with us.

Our organizing efforts began in the early to mid 1990s and SPNN became officially recognized by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in 1996 when over a 2/3 majority of nurses voted to unionize. We were assisted by, and affiliated with, United Nurses Associations of California-Union of Health Care Professionals (UNAC-UHCP), National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees (NUHHCE) and American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) during our organizing efforts and contract negotiations.

SPNN represents all Sharp non-management RNs (4000+ Nurses) throughout Sharp Healthcare. We are a voluntary membership union, meaning union membership is not required to work at Sharp.

Why join a non-mandatory union? While it is true that you will be represented regardless of your membership status, Our ability to advocate for Our patients, Our members, and Our profession are dependent upon Our strength in numbers. Before Sharp RNs had a union, nurses were legally terminated without cause, working conditions and benefits were changed at the employer’s discretion; the only recourse for RN’s was to submit or leave. Without member support we could return to those conditions. We need union dues and active members to have effective union representation, to uphold our contract, and to negotiate upcoming contracts. Our nursing union is a professional organization that advocates for nurses, their patients, and their profession (union dues are a professional fee that is tax deductable).

Are you ready to stand tall with your colleagues? Join SPNN.

In Unity,
The Sharp Professional Nurses Network Executive Committee

Download the SPNN NEO Packet Letter here.