Welcome New SCNSC Staff Representatives

December 2016

The Specialty Care Nurses of Southern California (SCNSC) are pleased to introduce Donna Haddad, RN, staff representative for the North and Graciela Velazquez, RN, staff representative for the South.

Donna has been a registered nurse since 1996. She began working for Kaiser Permanente in 2004 where she was a Complete Care Case Manager prior to joining UNAC/UHCP. Donna says, "My father taught me as a little girl that being part of a union provides security and protection for your family. I am passionate about helping others and that's why I became a registered nurse. I am equally passionate about standing up for what is right. That's the job I am here to do!"

Graciela has been a registered nurse with Kaiser Permanent since 1980, and became a Case Manager in 2011. She says, "I am extremely excited and honored to serve my SCNSC partners in the role of UNAC/UHCP staff representative for the South. I hope that together we can make our affiliate stronger than ever and that we may continue to grow. I will be working hard to engage the membership in the important work that must be done."

SCNSC North members may reach Donna by calling 909-962-9849, or by email at Donna.Haddad@unacuhcp.org, and SCNSC South members may reach Graciela by calling 909-344-0804, or by email at Graciela.Velazquez@unacuhcp.org.