We did it! Tentative Agreement Reached With Kaiser!

May 2012

At 2:45AM Friday, May 11, UNAC/UHCP and the Coalition of Unions reached a tentative agreement with Kaiser covering 95,000 Kaiser employees across the country. Details will be provided.

Highlights--No Takeaways!
*Our benefits were protected and preserved
*We won wage increases of more than 9% over a three year contract

Had it not been for the active support of thousands of our members, this would not have been possible. Please stay tuned for more details.

The Next Steps

1. On May 19th, our UNAC/UHCP affiliate officers along with other Coalition of Union Delegates will meet to review the details and make a recommendation to the membership.
2. Ratification votes will be scheduled for each affiliate so that all members can hear the details and vote on the new agreement.

You Made It Happen! We Did It!

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