Volunteer Organizing Program For Members

January 2015

UNAC/UHCP’s Member Organizing Volunteer (MOV) program trains UNAC/UHCP members to take part in local organizing drives. Members learn to talk about the benefits of union membership with non-unionized health care professionals in a variety of situations or take on additional responsibilities at facilities being organized.

UNAC/UHCP developed the program to empower members to fight alongside organizers improving conditions for health care professionals. This year, UNAC/UHCP members had the opportunity to serve as volunteer organizers at Mission Hospital in Orange County and Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center following training.

“It was an a-ha moment for me. I was charged up and ready to organize the minute I learned how misinformed non-unionized nurses were,” said Vickie Robson, RN, a Kaiser Downey member who volunteered at Kaiser LAMC. If you’re interested in getting involved in MOV, please contact UNAC/UHCP Organizing Director Rob Penney at 909-599-8622.