UPSC Steward Training Registration

January 2016

Dear Professional Colleague,

Now that Affiliate Officers have been elected, it is time to put the steward infrastructure in place. A strong steward system is the backbone of the union. It makes the union visible to workers and to management. It enables communication, representation, and mobilization within the workplace. We should have a steward at each pharmacy location, and ideally for each classification and shift.

To be a steward, you must have credibility with union members, co-workers, and the managers and supervisors with whom you attempt to resolve workplace issues and problems. You must be able to listen to the problems, concerns, and issues of members and co-workers. By identifying workplace problems, stewards can engage members in developing solutions. Stewards must be able to motivate members to help build the union and take action on workplace concerns and problems.

Steward training will consist of 8-hours KP-paid training during the even months of 2016. I encourage each of you to consider registering. You can get tips on contract enforcement and find out more about the roles and responsibilities of stewards.

2016 Training Dates: February 11, April 7, June 16, August 25, October 20, December 8

Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

UNAC/UHCP San Dimas Office
955 Overland Ct, San Dimas, CA 91773
Suite 148

To register for the February 11 Steward Training Day, please CLICK HERE.
Registration for this Steward Training Session closes February 3.

Steward Training Date Registration Closes
11-Feb 3-Feb
7-Apr 30-Mar
16-Jun 8-Jun
25-Aug 17-Aug
20-Oct 12-Oct
8-Dec 30-Nov


You MUST request time off with your manager for the 8 hours of KP-Paid Steward Training Time, using the UNP timekeeping code. Please inform Sheri Gotanda (sheri.gotanda@unacuhcp.org) when your time off request is APPROVED or DENIED or remains PENDING. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated to allow for time to work with management to address time off request issues.

I look forward to seeing you at the training!

In Unity,
Sheri Gotanda

Sheri Gotanda, PharmD | Staff Representative – UPSC
909-599-8622 (o) | 909-451-1644 (c)