Union in Brief – March 2014

March 2014

Politics is Power

Health care providers sometimes ask, “Why should I care about politics?” The simple answer is, “Because politics cares about you.” State and federal laws affect every aspect of our professional lives, especially our ability to provide quality patient care. So sign a PEOPLE card at the MVP level. Do it for yourselves and do it for your patients. For more information, email Jeremy at Jeremy.Lanni@unacuhcp.org or call 909-451-3797.

Parkview Nurses Prepare

The RNs of Parkview have been busily preparing to negotiate their new contract. The current one expires at the end of April. In January they took nominations online for their negotiating team, then voted for the team via mail ballot. At the same time, they filled out bargaining surveys in hard copy and online, so the team will have plenty of nurse input when they generate contract proposals. The Parkview membership is active and engaged, and PRNA expects a lot of member presence at the negotiating sessions—which UNAC/UHCP experience has shown, in affiliate after affiliate in recent years, makes a huge difference in winning a strong contract.

Corona Update

Efforts by the PTA and other community members in Corona, along with the Corona RNs, to oppose the closure of the Pediatrics Unit at Corona Regional Medical Center paid off near the end of last year when the CEO who decided to close the unit left, and the new CEO announced that the unit would be brought back. After voting to join UNAC/UHCP, Corona RNs have faced roadblocks from legal challenges mounted by UHS, which owns the hospital. Recently, an Administrative Law Judge affirmed the nurses’ vote and we’re confident that when UHS’s legal challenges have been exhausted, UNAC/UHCP will be certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the union for Corona RNs. In the meantime, Corona RNs continue to act with community allies to improve their hospital whenever and however they can.