Union in Brief – September 2013

September 2013


Our Lakewood members have been at the bargaining table since May, setting records for member participation, including Chemo nurse Suzette Alison who delivered a special presentation proposing staffing ratios for chemo patients. Tough issues remain to be tackled, but the LRNA team has already won significant improvements on floating, cancellations and new lay off language protecting seniority and years of service.


Negotiations for a new contract at Garden Grove began on a note of strength, with a good turnout of members to the initial negotiating sessions, where the union made strong proposals on staffing, floating and cancellations. However, they face some tough proposals from management, including removing some jobs, such as Relief Charge Nurse, from the union. With ever-increasing member involvement, GGRNA can prevail in this tough fight.


As with most UNAC/UHCP members, staffing, workload and having a real voice in how they care for their patients are among the most important issues for our newest Kaiser group, the Physical, Occupational and Recreation Therapists. They continue to make steady progress toward their first contract, using interest-based bargaining to reach numerous tentative agreements so far to enhance their working conditions.


A week after a UHS Corona RN courageously expressed safety concerns to management, her vacation request was not approved as it always had been in the past. UNAC/UHCP thus filed an NLRB unfair labor practice charge alleging retaliation by Corona against the nurse. When faced with the charge, Corona finally granted the nurse’s vacation request. After we achieved the result sought by filing the charge, the charge was withdrawn and the brave RN will receive her vacation.