Union Files Charges Against Parkview

June 2014

Parkview RNs are standing strong against management’s unlawful actions in response to our strike for safe patient care.

Today the Union filed seven Unfair Labor Practice charges againt Parkview with the National Labor Relations Board, and we have requested immediate relief.

We continue to stand strong together—for our patients and for each other.

The seven charges cover:

  1. Unlawful threats to replace striking RNs for two days after the strike, and unilaterally changing post-strike schedules.
  2. CEO Popkin telling Parkview employees they can no longer talk about the union during work.
  3. Coercive interrogation of RNs about whether they plan to strike, without assurances that they wouldn’t be retaliated against for their responses.
  4. Director Cecile Cooper misrepresenting the length of our strike, telling day and night RNs that the Union agreed to five days.
  5. Misleading employees about who would be locked out/replaced in the two days after the strike.
  6. Discrimination in delaying the return to work of certain strikers, or threatening to do so.
  7. Refusing to provide the Union with information necessary for bargaining—for instance, the contract with Nurse Bridge.

We cast a fair, legal and overwhelming vote together to strike for safe patient care.

Click here to email CNO Tom Santos right now at tsantos@pchmc.org. Send him this message: "I'm available to work my regularly scheduled shifts beginning at 0700 on Sunday, July 6."

We will not stand for unlawful threats and intimidation!

Seek out a Bargaining Team member to sign up for your picketing shifts!

This is Our Moment! Do it for Our Patients!
Do it For Each Other!

Click here for a Q&A about striking and our rights.