UNAC/UHCP’s App Challenge 2014

August 2014


UNAC/UHCP is pleased to announce a contest for students who are interested in the pioneering field of app creation.

ELIGIBILITY: Contestants must be enrolled in a college or university. All majors accepted. This contest is only open to students attending school in the State of California. Students must be legal residents of the State of California. UNAC/UHCP reserves the right to verify a student’s eligibility to participate in the challenge. Please read all official contest rules.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: Student may submit only one entry. Once the entry has been submitted, all materials and information become the property of UNAC/UHCP and will not be returned. Incomplete and inaccurate entries will void your participation in the challenge. Students acknowledge compliance with these official rules including eligibility requirements. Once a winner has been selected, the winning entry’s source code will become the property of UNAC/UHCP.

THE CHALLLENGE: The goal of this contest is to create an app that can track the number of incidents of workplace violence experienced by health care professionals. This data should be downloadable/exportable to CVS or other file. Workplace Violence is an epidemic in the health industry. UNAC/UHCP represents over 24,000 health care professionals who intend to download and utilize this app in the hopes that this tool will improve safety conditions for them. The app should be able to log the time and date of the incident as well as help identify the type of injury that was sustained by the health care provider. You will be given four weeks to complete the process. Please reference time table below for specific dates. App must be fully operational at point of submission and presentation.

fields to collect

HOW TO GET STARTED: Interested contestants are asked to send UNAC/UHCP an e-mail expressing their interest in participating in this challenge. All inquiries should be sent to info@unacuhcp.org attention Christy McConville/Monica Aleman. Please write the words “APP CHALLENGE” in your e-mail’s subject line. Be sure to include your name, phone number, school in which you are currently enrolled with the level (e.g. Freshman or Doctoral candidate). Tell us a little about yourself; what your interests are, what your major is and why you decided to accept the challenge.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Upon the receipt of all qualifying submissions, UNAC/UHCP will schedule a 15 minute presentation date and time for each contestant who designs an app for UNAC/UHCP. The presentation will consist of demonstrating the app’s features and its use to the panel of health care professional judges. The judges will then evaluate the app’s efficiency and user-friendly attributes. All entries received will be reviewed and ranked by a panel of UNAC/UHCP representatives.

PRIZE: The student who successfully wins the challenge will be presented with a $1,000.00 scholarship for their continued academic development.

challenge time table

The winner irrevocably grants to UNAC/UHCP the right to unconditionally and perpetually reproduce, copy, store, transmit, publish, display, adapt and/or otherwise use or reuse your name, statements, biographical material, and essay, materials arising out of their participation in the contest, including without limitation their essay and photo, entry and/or personal information, in any manner or media whatsoever (whether known or hereafter devised), worldwide, without notice or compensation. Subject to applicable law, Winner waives any rights of title, privacy, intellectual property rights, and other rights that may preclude UNAC/UHCP from using or disclosing Winners entry and related materials or information; and submission of an entry further constitutes Winner's consent to irrevocably assign and transfer to UNAC/UHCP any and all rights, title and interest in and to the entry and the concepts embodied therein, except where prohibited by law. Winner releases contest entities from any claims arising out of any use or disclosure of the entry consistent with these official rules. Without limitation to the foregoing, UNAC/UHCP may post your entry on the website during and following the contest. UNAC/UHCP will not share contestant’s personal information with third parties.