UNAC/UHCP Wins Grievance For Sharp RN

January 2015

Sharp Healthcare RN Virginia Wright was looking for a change from her job as an RN in the call center when she transferred to the Ambulatory Care Center. After her trial period was over, she was unjustly terminated. UNAC/UHCP took up her case, and fought for her reinstatement as well as back pay.

“When you’re alone fighting for your rights, it can be very challenging. What many nurses aren’t aware of is we have the support and strength of our union to advocate for us at every turn,” said Wright after her case was settled.

UNAC/UHCP fought to make sure that while Wright was initially placed in a float pool upon her return, that she would be given a real chance to find another permanent position. For now, she is working in the Grossmont radiology department. After going through the grievance process, Wright has a new appreciation for the efforts of our union. After an interview and application process, she’s been selected as one of four Quality Liaisons (QL) for UNAC/UHCP members at Sharp. In 2015, her QL work will allow her to become an expert in the contract and work to rectify contract violations that negatively impact other members.