UNAC/UHCP to Kaiser: Honor Our Contract

May 2013

petitiontokaiserToday, we told Kaiser incoming CEO Bernard Tyson to Honor Our Contract! Through this weekend, UNAC/UHCP delegates representing every Kaiser facility are attending the annual Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions' delegate conference.

During today's conference, UNAC/UHCP delegates took action against Kaiser management who were in attendance for violating our seniority provisions. UNAC/UHCP members—clothed in blue and green—won the support of all the other unions when everyone "buttoned up" with Honor Our Contract buttons.  The highlight was the presentation of a petition addressed to Ben Chu and Kaiser senior management, signed by nearly a thousand members, protesting the Reductions in Force.

Kaiser's CEO responded "I will see to it that we get to the bottom of this and get the issue resolved.” Sounds great. Will it happen? If recent history is any indicator, we will need to continue to let Kaiser know that we expect them to honor our contract! Send a letter to Ben Chu and Judy White today to remind them!

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For more information about this fight, download this leaflet to share with your coworkers.