UNAC/UHCP Summer Activists Leave Their Mark – Sept/Oct’11 Voice

October 2011

UNAC/UHCP had two wonderful summer interns recruited from the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education. The good news is that Wilfredo “Willie” Velasco-Vargas, originally from Montebello, still intends to become an emergency room RN. Sam Jung is headed to Oakland to organize youth of color, but says in the future he may pursue a labor career.

“I’m grateful for unions to protect what I consider the primary caregivers…they deserve respect,” says Willie.  While interning at UNAC/UHCP, Willie has also been volunteering at LA County/USC Medical Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Sam put his college organizing expertise to work at UNAC/UHCP in the St. Francis contract campaign, helping the RNs find their voices during the campaign, and work with each other to amplify those voices. We wish these bright young stars the best in their future endeavors.