UNAC/UHCP Volunteers Staff San Diego Health Fair For the United Domestic Workers of America

August 2011

On Saturday, August 20, UNAC/UHCP participated in the United Domestic Workers of America's Health and Resource Fair at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in San Diego. UNAC/UHCP members checked blood pressure for more than 100 attendees, many of whom do not have access to health care.

Pictured to the left:

1. Laura Reyes, UDW President, and Tiashira Gadlin, RN (SPNN)

2. Rosa Bautista, NP (SPNN),

3. Tiashira Gadlin, RN (SPNN)

4. Rosa Bautista, NP (SPNN)

5. Rosa Bautista, NP (SPNN), Assemblyman Marty Block, and Tiashira Gadlin, RN (SPNN)