UNAC/UHCP OD and NP Honored for Exceptional Care

December 2010

UNAC/UHCP congratulates members Kathryn Nelson, OD, and Pamela Yamek, NP, who both received the Kaiser Woodland Hills Jayne Setterberg Memorial Award for Excellence this year. The Jayne Setterberg award is normally awarded to one individual annually; however, this year both of these UNAC/UHCP members stood out equally as examples of exceptional direct care providers.

In order to be considered for the Jayne Setterberg award, a Woodland Hills staff member must be nominated by someone in his or her department.

Kathryn Nelson, OD, Kaiser Woodland Hills

Kathryn Nelson, OD, Kaiser Woodland Hills

Optometry manager Jeff Purdy, OD, spoke on behalf of Dr. Nelson and praised her passion for her work. Dr. Purdy stated that Dr. Nelson is “exceedingly easy to work with, a great clinician…a great team player and a nice person, who is held in high regard by staff and members alike.”

“I’m honored to receive this award,” commented Kathryn. “UNAC/UHCP and Kaiser management have a respectful working relationship, which has a significant impact on our ability as health care professionals to provide the highest level of patient care.”

Cydney Stewart, MD, expressed that Pamela is an “integral and indispensable member” of the Woodland Hills Cardiology Department. “As a Registered Nurse Practitioner, she cares for the most medically fragile patients. And she’s often the first person whom patients call upon when they have a problem. Pamela exemplifies a kind and caring team player.”

Pamela Yamek, NP, Kaiser Woodland Hills

Pamela Yamek, NP, Kaiser Woodland Hills

“It is great to be recognized for my role as a Nurse Practitioner in providing quality patient care,” said Pamela, who served as UNAC clinic vice president at Kaiser Woodland Hills from 2007 to 2009. “UNAC/UHCP helped advance our practice in the workplace and now we have a great team atmosphere where we are viewed as health care providers by doctors, technicians and our other nurse colleagues alike.”

The award was established in memory of Jayne Setterberg, a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner in Internal Medicine, who was a model of caring and excellence in her practice, and was held in high esteem by her patients, peers, physicians and many friends. Jayne died December 3, 1993.