UNAC/UHCP In the News

December 2014

• KPCC interviewed UNAC/UHCP Executive Vice President Denise Duncan, RN, and Gianna Valenzuela, RN, in a November 7, 2014 story on Ebola training held at LAX. UNAC/UHCP staff representative and RN Peter Sidhu was also featured. “We need to sit down and create a workflow and a design around that conversation and not just stand out and say it’s not working, it’s not working, it’s not working," said Duncan.

• The LA Times featured UNAC/UHCP members Jonathan Bestwick, RN, and Marilen Castañón, RN, in a October 12, 2014 article about Ebola preparedness. “Marilen Castanon said that her employer was planning on a staffing ratio of 3 nurses to 1 Ebola patient in intensive care, but the current staffing levels would make that adjustment difficult. 'We already struggle with 2 to 1,' she said. 'We're just going to have to deal with it.'"

• Univision Channel 34 featured Marilen Castañón, RN, and Rosa Carcamo, RN, from St. Francis on a October 3, 2014 newscast discussing work place violence and the survey. “A patient’s family member attacked me with a chair while I held a three month old baby,” said Carcamo.

• Univision Channel 34 also, featured Scott Byington, RN, and Diana Menjivar, RN, on a November 20, 2014 broadcast featuring the UNAC/UHCP workplace violence prevention online candlelight vigil campaign. “She grabbed me so hard, she fractured my finger,” said Menjivar.

• CBS National with Scott Pelley featured Jess Mangubat, RN, on a national nightly news segment October 7, 2014 discussing on Ebola. “We treat patients with HIV, we treat patients with Hepatitis, as long as I take the necessary precautions, wearing gloves, wearing a gown, wearing a mask, I feel totally safe treating a patient who has Ebola.”

• UNAC/UHCP staff representative Peter Sidhu, RN, appeared in ABC7, KTLA5, KMEX34, KPCC, Chinese Daily News World Journal and the NDTV Chinese Global TV Network demonstrating the donning and doffing of PPE. “I think that if you know the facts and you understand there have been four cases in the United States. Of course there will be fear, but as a nurse, I was more fearful of H1N1 which was more prevalent throughout our communities.”