UNAC/UHCP Members Volunteer for RAM LA and Provide Health Care Services to Vulnerable Populations – August 12, 2009

August 2009

Large crowds reinforce the union's commitment to achieving comprehensive Health Care Reform for all Californians

Dr. Marisa Chung gives eye exam at RAM LA

Dr. Marisa Chung gives eye exam at RAM LA

Uninsured, underinsured, unemployed and under-employed Californians throughout the Los Angeles area flocked to the Forum in Inglewood on Tuesday, August 11 to receive free dental, vision, medical and women's health care services from health care professionals volunteering for RAM LA 2009, an event running from August 11 through 18 and organized by Remote Area Medical. Hundreds of health care professionals are volunteering throughout the weeklong event, including UNAC/UHCP members.

"RAM LA is a wonderful opportunity to help meet the health care needs of some of California's most vulnerable populations," stated UNAC/UHCP member Marisa Chung, a Doctor of Optometry for Kaiser Permanente. "It's clear that there is still so much more to be done. I'm glad that UNAC/UHCP is actively working toward achieving comprehensive health care reform that is affordable, accessible and provides the highest quality of care."

UNAC/UHCP executive officers recently appealed to chairmen from key committees addressing health care reform in the United States Senate and House of Representatives regarding the need to incorporate vital components to create true health care reform. These recommendations included a public health insurance option, no taxation on health benefits, cost efficiency, health care workforce development, high quality patient care, and equity in health care access.

"Our members get involved in humanitarian efforts like RAM LA because they are dedicated to ensuring that their patients and others in need of health care are able to access it," said UNAC/UHCP President Kathy J. Sackman, RN. "As nurses and other health care professionals, they are on the front lines of providing health care and can best champion the health care needs of Californians and other affected populations throughout the United States. RAM LA highlights the fact that we need true health care reform now."

UNAC/UHCP is actively encouraging its members and their families to speak out for Californians at the local health care forums being hosted by California's members of Congress throughout the Southern California region during the month of August.