UNAC/UHCP Members Lead the Charge at Cal/OSHA Hearing on Workplace Violence in Hospitals

February 2015

Cal_OSHA_Hearing_20150205 If you don’t believe workplace violence in hospitals is an issue, you may want to ask the thousands of nurses and health care workers who signed a petition to Cal/OSHA urging them to put regulations in place to protect workers as soon as possible. Sign the petition here

Dozens of UNAC/UHCP health care professionals participated in a hearing by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, or Cal/OSHA, on February 5 regarding draft regulations to protect health care workers. UNAC/UHCP members testified about the impact workplace violence has had in their lives.

RN Elizabeth Hawkins was one UNAC/UHCP member who testified about the proposed regulations, saying, "I don’t blame the patient who hurt me. I was injured by my hospital's policies. If there had been a workplace violence prevention plan in place when I was attacked, I think I would have felt prepared to deal with what came next. It’s reassuring to know that Cal/OSHA is taking a proactive approach to protecting health care workers from aggressive and violent behavior.”

Cal/OSHA is working to write and enact strong workplace protections for health care workers. These regulations may become a model for how the rest of the country handles this pervasive issue.  For those who haven’t already signed the petition urging Cal/OSHA to fast-track regulations protecting health care workers, click here to sign.

UNAC/UHCP members spoke with NBC 4 News yesterday while at the hearing. Check out St. Francis RNs Rosa Carcamo and Scott Byington, and UNAC/UHCP VP Denise Duncan, RN, as they explain why workplace violence is a serious problem.