UNAC/UHCP Members from Kaiser Panorama City Show Support for UFCW Workers

August 2011

UNAC/UHCP members have been barnstorming local grocery stores in support of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) in the past month. In Los Angeles, UNAC/UHCP members from Kaiser Panorama City visited their adopted Ralphs on August 22. Registered Nurses met with the store manager to voice solidarity with UFCW and discuss the tenor of bargaining thus far. The RNs presented signed letters of support for UFCW to the store manager and made it clear they would not be crossing a picket line.

During this time, when unions and collective bargaining rights are under attack, we must make every effort to support other unions in their efforts to win better wages, benefits and working conditions for their members.

UNAC/UHCP members from Kaiser Panorama City Nelly Garcia, RN, Myrna Madriaga, RN, Elena Sangit, RN, and Jane Evelyn Ragonesi, RN spoke to the manager specifically about the increase in health care costs that would be borne by UFCW members under management's proposal.