UNAC/UHCP Kaiser Bargaining Update #1

March 2012

National negotiations with Kaiser began on Tuesday, March 6th. We spent the initial three sessions on training the bargaining team members on bargaining strategy and approach.

On Thursday management and the Unions broke into five sub-groups:

1. Benefits
2. Enhancing the Partnership
3. Growth of KP and Unions
4. Total Health
5. Workforce of the Future

The sub-groups began identifying our key interests and priorities for each of these areas.

Key priorities identified from the members of Coalition of Unions:

  • Protect all benefits
  • Across the Board wage increases
  • Enable/Create the workforce of the future and continue to create union jobs
  • Ensure Kaiser employees and our communities are healthy
  • Improve support for the UBTs and the LMP

Download a leaflet with more information. Feel free to print it and distribute to co-workers.

Come to Bargaining!
Everyone who attends will be able to observe the subgroups as well as actively participate when our Union meets separately from management to discuss our key issues. Sign up to attend online at unacuhcp.org/socal2012signup