UNAC/UHCP is Front and Center at Kaiser South Bay Event

April 2011

Kaiser South Bay RNs were greeted with a smile and a free Jamba Juice by their UNAC/UHCP co-workers after learning yesterday about their innovative Performance Sharing Plan (PSP), which can earn them end-of-year bonuses for meeting certain goals for patient and employee health, safety and satisfaction.

UNAC/UHCP members helped develop the program, an initiative of the Labor Management Partnership (LMP) at Kaiser. At Kaiser South Bay they were instrumental in the logistics of the PSP event. The “PSP Roadshow” is making the rounds of Kaiser facilities.

Nurses walked past a series of booths with information about each of the PSP goals, including year-end targets and year-to-date performance. At the Blood Pressure booth they saw a series of glass tubes containing measures of salt to illustrate its content in foods ranging from pizza (1,500 milligrams in one slice—the full daily recommended dose) to a large apple (2 milligrams). At the booth on the patient care experience they learned they were #1 in courtesy in March, and that it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile.

“We like to make it a nice, enjoyable event,” said Mary Ann Martin, RN and Clinic President for over 17 years. Mary Ann was joined in staffing the UNAC/UHCP booth by (from left to right in the photo): Larry Rick, RN, Staff Representative; Teresa Alcala, RN, KSBHPA Treasurer; Alicia Sahagun, RN; and Angela Gonzalez, RN, Hospital President. Mary Ann is standing far right in the photo.