UNAC/UHCP Donates $15,000 for Haiti Relief

February 2010

Since 2000, UNAC/UHCP has donated $10,000 during Nurses Week to a charitable organization selected by an UNAC/UHCP affiliate on a rotating basis. In light of the terrible tragedy that struck Haiti last week, UNAC/UHCP has increased the annual Nurses Week donation to $15,000 and has donated it to Doctors Without Borders to support their Haiti relief operation. Prior to the earthquake, Doctors Without Borders had provided staff to two hospitals in Haiti -- both of which were destroyed in the massive earthquake. Over this past weekend, Doctors Without Borders airlifted in a field hospital with two operating rooms, and is committed to staying in Haiti for the long term. If you would like to donate to Doctors Without Borders to sustain its Haiti relief efforts, click here.