UNAC/UHCP Convention

May 2014

Nominations for State Offices

The 2014 UNAC/UHCP Convention is October 5-8, 2014 at the LA Live JW Marriott in downtown Los Angeles. During the convention, an election will be held for President, Secretary and four Board of Director seats.

Nominations for President and Secretary will open Thursday, August 7 and remain open until the close of the business session on Monday, October 6. Currently, Ken Deitz, RN, serves as the UNAC/UHCP President, and Charmaine Morales, RN, is the UNAC/UHCP Secretary. Both the President and Secretary serve four-year terms, and will automatically serve as a delegate to the NUHHCE and AFSCME conventions.

Nominations for four Board of Director seats are now open. Directors serve for four-year terms. The four seats up for election at the Convention are currently held by Helen Bouman, RN, Scott Byington, RN, Mary Cavanaugh, OD, and John “Tim” Uliasz, RN.

The State Constitution, Section 606, specifies the eligibility requirements for election to a State office. The member must: (1) be a member in good standing for at least two years immediately preceding the election; (2) have practiced the profession of nursing for at least three years, or be a professional employee as defined in Section 301 and delivered health care for at least three years; (3) have been a member of an Affiliate for at least two years; and (4) not be a member in a bargaining unit represented exclusively by another labor organization, except the United Nurses Staff Union.

Nominations may be submitted online at unacuhcp.org starting August 7. Those who need to submit offline can email or call Executive Vice President Denise Duncan, RN at Denise.Duncan@unacuhcp.org or 909-599-8622 for more information on mail-based nominations.


Propose a Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional amendments must be submitted in writing to Secretary Charmaine Morales, RN by June 29, 2014. Section 1403 of the State Constitution states the amendments must be received by the UNAC/UHCP Secretary at least 90 days prior to the convening of the Convention. The amendments will then be sent by the UNAC/UHCP Secretary to the affiliates at least 60 days before the Convention convenes.

Per Article XIV, Sections 1401-1402, proposed amendments to the UNAC/UHCP Constitution may be submitted to the State Convention by request of the Executive Council, Board of Directors or an affiliate. If an amendment is proposed by an affiliate, the amendment must include the signatures of at least two elected officers of the affiliate, certifying the amendment was approved for submission to the Convention by the policy-making body or membership of the affiliate.

Proposed amendments may also be submitted to the State Convention by a signed petition of 25% of the members of any affiliate in good standing.