UNAC/UHCP Bargaining Team Elected!

February 2012

Last week ballots were counted in an election held by the UNAC/UHCP Executive Committee to elect our representatives to serve on the National Bargaining Committee. We are pleased to announce that the following leaders will be representing us:

Ken Deitz, RN, UNAC/UHCP President
Barbara Blake, RN, UNAC/UHCP State Secretary
Bill Rouse, UNAC/UHCP Executive Assistant to the Officers
Pam Brodersen, NP, Kaiser Downey Medical Office President, UNAC/UHCP
Cindy Klein, RN, Kaiser Riverside Clinic Co-Chair, UNAC/UHCP
Danny Pollack, OD, President KPASCO, UNAC/UHCP

"It is our goal to have an active, well-educated membership as we begin negotiations next month. It is vital to our team that we hear from you and we strongly encourage you to sign up to attend negotiations," said Ken Deitz, RN, President of UNAC/UHCP.

You can sign-up to attend negotiations at unacuhcp.org/socal2012signup

And visit our new website for up-to-date information at unacuhcp.org/bargaining2012.