UNAC Endorsed Candidates win in 11 out of 13 Races

June 2010

In its opening year, UNAC’s new political department won big Tuesday night; with 11 out of 13 UNAC endorsed and supported candidates winning races for State Senate, Assembly and Statewide Office.
As an early supporter and endorser, our big wins came in:
  • The 43rd Assembly District (Mike Gatto, Pre-Special Election Primary);
  • The 47th Assembly District (Holly Mitchell); and
  • The 53rd Assembly District (Betsy Butler).
These candidates demonstrated a commitment to work with nurses to improve our health care system. UNAC also congratulates Mike Gatto, as the newest member of the state Assembly. We look forward to helping secure their victories in November.
Other victories include:
  • Richard Pan (AD 5);
  • Roger Hernandez (AD 57);
  • Ricardo Lara (AD 50);
  • Toni Atkins (AD 76);
  • Ben Hueso (AD 79);
  • Kevin De Leon (SD 22);
  • Ed Hernandez (SD 24); and
  • Dave Jones for Insurance Commissioner.