UNAC/UHCP Executive Vice President Charmaine Morales, RN, Sworn In To LA Fed’s Executive Board

March 2018

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO hosted its Workers' Congress on March 13, where the organization swore in its most diverse Executive Board in their 133-year history, including our very own UNAC/UHCP Executive Vice President Charmaine Morales, RN.

Charmaine's seat on the LA Fed's Executive Board ensures that UNAC/UHCP and a voice for health care professionals are present as we continue to build power for working people.

"When it comes to health care, some try to confuse us by making it all sound incredibly complicated. Do we want this plan or that plan? Do we want Medicare for All, the Affordable Care Act, or single-payer health care?" said Charmaine. "But it's really very simple. We want good quality health care for every American. Period."

"You simply cannot separate a good job from good health care."

The Workers' Congress included 1,000 union members from every industry and participants participated in workshops geared towards finding ways to take power and turn it into action for working people. Proudly representing UNAC/UHCP were Scott Byington, RN; Sheri Gotanda, PharmD; Charmaine Morales, RN; Kim Mullen, RN; and Peter Sidhu, RN.

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