Transparency | October 2013

October 2013

The end of the year is approaching and it is time to submit Holiday requests. Remember the contractual language when you request your Holidays. Some key points to remember when filing your preferences: Each Health Care Professional shall be scheduled off work on at least one (1) of the following designated holidays each holiday season: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years’ Day. Preferences shall be awarded in order of affiliate facility seniority. If using vacation days during Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s, those days would count for selection of the major designated holiday.

Flu season is here remember to get your flu vaccine. Look for the flu carts on your unit or the flu vaccine stations around the hospital. Don't forget it is part of our PSP goal.

Good news! As you know, your staffing objections were a big help to prove to management that we need more nurses. Therefore, some positions were posted and you will begin to see more staff on the units. Please continue to fill out the staffing objection forms and they will be collected as your officers round. State office is in the process of making the forms easier to use.

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