This is Our Chance to Improve Our Hospitals

January 2013

We have a chance to join more than 22,000 RNs and other Health Care Professionals in UNAC/UHCP, the largest nurses’ union in Southern California, by voting Yes in our upcoming union election.


We’re taking this step to:

1. Improve patient care at Inland Valley and Rancho Springs Medical Centers.
2. Win better working conditions and respect for RNs at our hospitals.
3. Guarantee these improvements to patient care and our own working conditions by formalizing them in a legally-binding, written contract.


Here are some of the benefits that RNs represented by UNAC/UHCP have been able to negotiate in their contracts:

• Patient Safety protections
• Guaranteed Raises
• Wage Grids that reward seniority
• Just Cause and Grievance & Arbitration to protect against arbitrary discipline and favoritism
• Job Security protections
• Maintaining Current Practices that RNs like by formalizing them in the contract
• Safe Floating
• Education Reimbursements
• Better Health Care and Other Benefits
• Better Paid Time Off like vacation, sick leave and more holidays

UNAC/UHCP RNs elect their own Bargaining Teams and determine their own bargaining priorities, with expert support provided by UNAC/UHCP, including professional negotiators, plus legal, political, research and communications expertise.

Click here to download a leaflet with this information.