Think You’ll Be Secure in Retirement? THINK AGAIN

May 2012

Kaiser Permanente by its recent actions has sent a clear message that it wants to shift the burden of healthcare costs to employees.

Currently when we retire, we are promised access to the same health insurance benefits and co-pays that we enjoy as active employees.

"If Kaiser makes changes to our retirement benefits, the financial impact would be devestating. I might not be able to retire!"
--Evelyn Ragonesi, RN, Panorama City, 18 Years

Retiree Health Cuts Kaiser Has Proposed to Other Employees:

Discontinue the current retiree medical benefit and replace it with the “best” available Senior Advantage Plan.

No spousal monthly “subsidy” for current employees if younger than 62 and have less than 25 years of service or for any employee hired after implementation of this changed benefit.

No coverage outside of a KP service area.

Not eligible for retiree medical unless you work 2,000 hours per year, for a minimum 20 years.

Benefit is not valid outside of KP service areas: if you move to an area outside of KP service area your benefit will not be effective.

Co-pays and benefit levels no longer guaranteed. They can change every year.

Force change on employees already retired and enrolled in existing plan, going back as far as ten years.

Download and print a leaflet with this information to share with co-workers.