Therapists Finalize Tentative Contract!

December 2013

Great News!
Negotiations Update: December 17, 2013

Today your negotiating finalized a complete tentative contract!

After seven months of hard work, today we finished the last remaining open articles, including Compensation, Paid Time Off, and Pension.

We are looking forward sharing all the tentative agreements in detail and to meet with you in person to discuss and answer your questions.  Given that we are entering the holiday season, we have decided on the following timetable:

1.    Email/mail to home addresses a detailed summary of the agreement to all therapists, before Christmas.

2.    Make available on the UNAC/UHCP website a PDF of all tentative agreements, before the New Year. (At the latest.  We will email you when it has been posted online.)  You will be able to view online and/or print the full language of every tentative agreement.

3.    Conduct ratification meetings at every medical center between January 6 and January 16.

As the chief negotiator, I want to recognize the hard work, professionalism, tenacity and dedication of your negotiating team.  They did truly outstanding work over 38 meeting days.  If you have a chance, I encourage you to ask your negotiating team members about the agreement and to thank them for representing you so well.

I look forward to meeting all of you in the New Year at the ratification meetings.

Bill Rouse
UNAC/UHCP Chief Negotiator