“The experience was unforgettable.”

June 2012

Jettie Deden-Castillo, NP, from Kaiser Downey shares her unique AFSCME convention experience.

My first impression of the AFSCME convention was WOW. This was my first opportuity to attend one. It occurs every 2 years. This year it took place in Los Angeles so it was easy for me to get there if you call LA traffic easy. There were people from all over the United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and even as far as Puerto Rico. Pam and I had opportunities to sit and chat with people from all over which was very fun and educational. It made me feel like part of the Labor Movement and it reconfirmed for me how important what happens to us at Kaiser affects and defines Labor all over the United States. We shared with many people our wonderful contract we are ratifying as I write this and it gave them all hope.

It was a busy week. On Monday at around 1:30pm I asked Pam [Brodersen, NP, another AFSCME convention delegate] what time do we take a break. She looked at me and said we don't. I thought that was weird but she said that's AFSCME. And bascally that is how the week went. Nonstop! On Wednesday I was loaded on a bus that took us to a rally at MacArthur park in LA. We were supporting the UC School employees that were in bargaining. It was very exciting and inspirational.

The remainder of the week was filled with the energy of the election of our new President and Secretary of Treasurer. The experience was unforgettable. Thank you all for allowing me to represent you.