The Born Nurse

January 2013

Peter Sidhu joins Donna Smith representing the Kaiser Specialty Care Nurses of Southern California and the Midwives and Wound Ostomy Nurses. When he was just a wee lad of 10, Peter moved to the Los Angeles area from England. His mother is a nurse, but never pushed him into nursing. But she strongly hinted.

Before settling on nursing, Peter had a wide variety of unusual jobs, none more bizarre than Game Room Manager at Chuck E Cheese, a position created for him so he could play with the kids instead of giving them extra toppings as a pizza maker in the kitchen.

Peter finally chose to become a nurse, and soon gained a reputation as a “golden child.” He became involved in the union after seeing his staff rep, Denise Duncan, in action, and served as Hospital President for a year at Kaiser Woodland Hills. As a staff representative himself, Peter has already shown himself to be a nimble chant leader by creating many oddball chants during the recent “Days of Protest” pickets at Kaiser facilities and leading them without a bullhorn. He has also distinguished himself as a leader in technology use at UNAC/UHCP, and has joined our social media activist group.