Tentative Agreements Reached on First Contracts For SCNSC & KPMWON!

June 2012

Bargaining Update

After months of bargaining we’ve reached Tentative Agreement on two separate contracts, one for the Specialty Care Nurses of Southern California (SCNSC) and one for Kaiser Permanente Midwives & Wound Ostomy Nurses (KPMWON).

All of our hard work has won strong agreements. But they're not official until we vote. The Bargaining Teams for both units, SCNSC and KPMWON, unanimously recommend a yes vote. 

See below for the full schedule of ratification meetings. These are first contracts, so it’s very important that members attend. You'll hear all the details of the contract and get all your questions answered. It’s very important that you make an informed decision when you vote.

SCNSC Ratification Schedule - Download for Printing Here

KPMWON Ratification Schedule - Download for Printing Here