Tamara Yildiz Joins UNAC/UHCP to Become a Voice for the Future – Sept/Oct’11 Voice

October 2011

Tamara Yildez’s union roots go back before her nursing career began—to Local 1167-UFCW.  There, as a checker, she was able to work around her nursing school schedule, driven to become an RN.  The importance of being in a union stuck with her.

For eleven years, Tamara worked as an RN before becoming a contract specialist with UNAC/UHCP.  She says she realized she had been missing a huge opportunity to make a positive difference in her workplace.  “Being in a union, having a voice in the decisions of our workplace…we pave the future of the nursing profession. Now I realize the strength of our union is within the members.”

Tamara says her four children are her greatest gifts: Tara, Shayna, Melis, and John. Each has high aspirations and different talents, and the four keep her life interesting.  One daughter is studying to become a pharmacist, another a teacher.  Her son is active in soccer, and her third daughter is an avid piano player.  In her spare time, Tamara likes to bike ride at the beach, garden, and travel to historical places. Welcome, Tamara!