Take Charge: Cancellation of Scheduled Hours

September 2012

Contract Language: Article 14, Section 1414
Page 30‐31

Cancellations in these categories shall be done by department on a rotational basis,
equitably, including clinical supervisors and leads serving in the charge nurse role on that shift when a charge competent bargaining unit nurse is present and willing to assume the charge role for that shift. RNs in categories 6 and 10 shall NOT be required to use accrued PTO for the hours cancelled.

Category 1: Travelers to float elsewhere, no BU RNs to be cancelled
Category 2: Registry
Category 3: Travelers on OT or add’l hours or call back
Category 4: Travelers who’ve not been cancelled this pay period
Category 5: SRN RNs/RNs on OT, or other premium pay status
Category 6: Volunteer RNs
Category 7: RNs on ST add’l hours
Category 8: Per diem RNs
Category 9: All other travelers
Category 10: All other RNs


During negotiations a big issue was management’s abuse of cancellations ‐‐whereby
they required RNs to come to work for limited amounts of time, without paying time
and one half. The bargaining team negotiated new language that provides if management cancels your shift, they may place you "on call" with on call pay, and if you are in fact called into work, you will be paid at time and one half pay.

Contract Language: Article 14, Section 1414
Page 30‐31

An RN whose shift is cancelled shall be relieved of all duty during the hours cancelled.  If the employer requires the RN to be placed on call – it will be for a 4, 6, 8 or 12 hour block of time beginning at the beginning of the cancelled shift. On call pay will apply for the on‐call duration of time. The parties agree that the RN has no further obligations following the end of the on call period and that the employer will not require the RN to report to work after the on call period has ended.

Download the leaflet here.