SPNN: We Have a New Contract!

October 2011

The SPNN RN Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that our new contract has been approved by an overwhelming majority of 99%, after Sharp RNs turned out yesterday to vote.

Because Sharp RNs stepped up to be there for negotiations and take action in our hospitals, we won a huge victory: a real wage grid, which recognizes our experience as RNs.

At the Bargaining Table we could feel the strength of SPNN nurses standing with us. Thanks to everyone who attended bargaining and stood strong at work, and to the many RNs on the Contract Support Committee. We all won this as a team.

In Unity,

Chris McGovern, RN, Home Health       Deb Saia, RN, Grossmont       
Larry Winkler, RN, Memorial                 Lois Klepin, RN, Coronado       
Sandra Powers, RN, Chula Vista            Gail Berhalter, RN, Chula Vista
Elizabeth Huch, RN, Grossmont              Karen Cubelo, RN, Home Health    
Jan Hodgson, RN, Home Health             Cate Albus, RN, Memorial       
Carole DeVito, RN, Memorial                Inese Redondo, RN, Mesa Vista   
Julie Braatz, RN, Mesa Vista