SPNN Veteran Celebrated as Employee of the Month

July 2011

Carole DeVito, SPNN Co-Chair at Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus, was named one of Sharp‘s Employees of the Month for March/April 2011. DeVito, who has been a nurse for 26 years, is a member of the Registered Nursing Advisory Committee (RNAC). She takes her responsibilities there very seriously, as is befitting of an Employee of the Month.

Carole acts as an ambassador for RNAC and UNAC/UHCP, living up to the ideal of transparency by reporting back to her coworkers the items of interest that come up at meetings. Recently, she attended the Annual Affiliate Officer Conference for the union and is looking forward to sharing the highlights with her colleagues.

Carole is originally from New York, and like most people from the east coast, she came to San Diego on what she thought was a temporary basis in 1996 and never left. Previous to her time here, she also worked in the Southwest, Washington DC, New York, and Santa Barbara.