SPNN Nurses: Fill Out Staffing Objection Forms

April 2015

RNs are filling out staffing objection forms because...

  • Preceptor forced to take on own patient assignment, leaving preceptee alone and unsupervised
  • Orientee had to assist with epidural unsupervised
  • No breaks. Why? Supervisor said, "I have no staff."
  • Late lunch - felt lightheaded and tired
  • Patients being passed repeatedly from nurse to nurse, without proper report or care, while staff assignments are juggled and a primary nurse is found
  • No second RN or OB tech for delivery
  • Only two RNs and one CNA for seven patients in L&D
  • No break AND no meal for second shift in a row
  • Delays in requesting additional staff
  • Patients having to wait in lobby for admission as no staff available
  • Resource forced to take on own patient, leaving unit unattended

Patients are our priority! Let Sharp know!

Fill out a Staffing Objection Form and fax to (619) 280-7406.

Click here for a PDF version of the flyer.

For more information, contact SPNN staff representative Linda Meyer at 909-344-0920 or Linda.Meyer@unacuhcp.org